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Sachin Tendulkar

Do you know ...

... that Sachin Tendulkar got the name Sachin because his family members were all huge fans of the legendary music director Sachin Dev Burman (SD Burman)?

... that Sachin Tendulkar always wears his left pad first before his right pad when he goes in to bat?

... that Sachin has the National tri colour pasted inside his kit bag which is perhaps a constant reminder of what the country expects of him.

... that during an independence day function organised by the Indian high commission at Colombo, he requested a security man to get him a small flag, which he held close to his heart and he later tucked it neatly in the inside pocket of his blazer.

... that Sachin Tendulkar has won the maximum amount of man of the match awards in international cricket? His tally of 38 man of the match awards is the most by any player.

.. that Sachin is also one of the few cricketers to change his bat manufacturers often? He started his career with a Spanserils Greenland's (SG) switching on to Power, then to Slazenger and then to BASS before his current bat manufacturer MRF. During the 1996 World Cup he didn't have any stickers on his bat as he was in between contracts. There was also a slight controversy about him using a bat with the MRF logo on it as the ICC then had a rule that players were allowed to use bats manufactured only by sports firms.

... that Sachin was the first batsman to be given out run out by the third umpire? This incident took place in India's friendship series with South Africa at Durban during the 1992-93 series.

... that Sachin is the youngest batsman to get a half century

... that Sachin was also the first over seas cricketer for English County Yorkshire when he played for the proud club in the summer of 1992? And he played for the club with some distinction scoring 1000 runs at an average of 46.

... that Sachin uses one of the heaviest bats in World Cricket. His bat weighs 3.2 pounds which is about 1.42 kgs? The only person who uses a heavier bat is Lance Klusener.

... that India have won 22 of the 28 one day matches in which Sachin Tendulkar has made a century?

... that Sachin Tendulkar remembers each and every one of his test dismissals? He can exactly tell anyone who the bowler was and the mode of his dismissal.

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